The Days are Shorter

"You brought so much to the role of Pax - the scene about the card - you were brilliant. Thank you." -Corinne J Kawecki (playwright), personal e-mail

The Days are Shorter
Pax (Gay Glenn), is a role that mostly calls for her to be exasperated by Julia’s new romantic affair, but Glenn is careful to let us see the broken love in the background. –Karen Topham,, Chicago, IL

Cinderella at the Theater of Potatoes
"The cast is rounded out by Gay Glenn’s Georges [sic] Sand, a good-natured rabble-rouser, gamely strumming the banjo as she shouts for equality, fraternity and power to the people." - Catey Sullivan, 
Chicago Theatre Beat 
The Realm
"The actors bend perfectly at those points where genuinity is overshadowed by story, particularly the doctor (Gay Glenn) who twists and turns her brilliantly charismatic antagonist to suit the truth of the setting and the truth of the message simultaneously." -Wesley James, 
The Hawk Chicago  

Multi- Culti- Boho- Sideshow
“As … visual artist Marsee Gone, actress Gaye Glenn turns in one of the evening’s most effective, organic performances, proving that the most intelligent satire has a solid base in realistic characterization.” –Carolyn Petrie,
CityPages, Minneapolis, MN
“Glenn follows with a booming, masterful solo of “Nothin’ to Nobody.” –Dick Moore,
Rapid City Journal, Rapid City, SD
Lady Day at Emerson Bar and Grill
 “Gaye Glenn delivers both music and monologue with an arresting command of her subject. She puts the appropriate emotion into every note sung and every word spoken…” –Steve Rosse,
Iowa City Press-Citizen
, Iowa City, IA 

Gay Glenn MFA 

Actor / Performer


   Gay Glenn  is a Chicago based actor working her way up the theatre ladder

     to become a valuable and sought member of the Chicago theatre community.

     She  has an MFA in Theatre Performance*, and is experienced on stage;  on

     national tour; on camera: as narrator, as featured; on film as featured;  and in

     utilizing  ear-/tele-prompters and IFB for taped and live industrials.

     She  plays and owns keyboards, sax and banjo, and can carry a tune.

     She  studies at The Artistic Home,  founded by Kathy Scambiaterra, and  credits

     the approach to discovery there with continually opening her up to her best

     abilities. Incorporating quirky and specific informed choices, she transforms

     words from the  page to fully realized representations on stage.

     She  just ended interpreting Pax in The Days Are Shorter  by Evanston native

     Corinne J Kawecki, at Pride Films & Plays

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​   *Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University​                   Last updated 18 May 2018