January 20, 2017 - 

February 19, 2017

Role: standby Vivian Bearing


Dana Omar and Gay Glenn. Photo by joe mazza --Bravelux

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Gay Glenn  Chicago, IL

To create one's world in any of the arts

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​     Saneliso      (watch snips here)



During her final hours, Dr. Vivian Bearing, recounts her battle with cancer and struggles to accept her approaching end. Winner of the 1999 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, Margaret Edson’s play is a haunting tale of loss and meditation on life; it will be directed by Marti Lyons. In 2015, The Hypocrites were not alone in losing many beloved collaborators and friends, most of whom were taken by illness. This production of Wit will be our exploration of the complicated feelings that seized us all and an homage to those we lost.

By Margaret Edson; Directed by Marti Lyons

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Friday, January 6, 8pm   The Den Theatre  Lounge Area

Cinderella: a Salon-cert

The cast of the Hypocrites' Cinderella at the Theater of Potatoes presents a final salon-style performance of the show! 
Several of us had friends and family that could only make the show the original closing weekend (Jan 6-8), but because we had to close early they were going to have to miss it.
SO we decided to put together a salon-style version of the show, in true Pauline Viardot fashion.
Come join us for a cozy, concert version of Cinderella!
*We'll be in the bar area outside of the Heath Stage.*
Note: This is a free concert, however we wil have a jar for donations! Everything donated will go to the Hypocrites to support them in this time of needed giving!

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I was fortunate enough to work on a beautiful piece of art in the guise of a film: Saneliso. The product of a union between director Carlos Prias and Themba Moyo. The way these guys worked together was seemless, the whole team. No discord, no primadonna-ing ... just hard work and excellent communication. With that kind of energy, how could this film turn out any other way than beautiful and soulful?  You're right; it couldn't. It is destined to be successful, because it is a good film from love.  Check out their sites, watch some behind the scenes footage. See me in glimpses.  And then, come see the film It's showing in October, I'll let you know when.  Come, join us.